mandag 13. august 2012

Phantoms at the Opera

                                                                                                                 (Fotos: Andreas K. + Elisabeth)

onsdag 8. august 2012

Engerfest 2012

Finally the day had come! I put on my festival dress and made my hair look nice. Weather forecast was sad, but spirits were high!

 Andreas securing the area with appropriate signs.

 The program of the day!

We started out with the tradition from last year: Garage sale at Østre Enger!

Over at Vestre Enger, Ida and Øyvind set up their coffee tasting stand. Serving the most delicious coffees from Ida's workplace, Tim Wendelboe. Success!

The lovely Geir with his lovely mug. (fotos by Andreas K)

Novelty of the year was also Asbjørn's garage sale.

 We're keeping up with the trends of the hour, of course.

The wonderful barn lounge did due to the rain become the most treasured space.

Time to gather for official photography session!

All the lovely people that wouldn't let the bad weather stop them from joining the best party of the year!!

 And now...put your hands together for JOE*ZEE!!

Frode had his annual Elvis performance, much appreciated - as always!

And we danced...

 ...and drank...

 ...and hugged...

 ...and danced even more!

 The sun came up and shone on happy, tired faces... 

 Reluctantly we retired from the festivity...

In a year we'll do it all over again!

lørdag 4. august 2012


Exclusively for the festival, handmade CD art! An old IKEA place mat turned into stencil with band logo.

The boys set up a small factory in the barn.

That's what I call a special, limited edition!