søndag 29. januar 2012

Exploring Oslo

Getting ready for the world.

Got on the subway, westbound.

At Majorstua we were greeted by this frozen fellow.

Our first destination: The Vigeland Sculpture Park! 
It looks like snow, but it is a wool bow in my hand!

We fed the birds from the bridge.

Sinnataggen! This pose is mandatory... :)

Oh, the joy!

 Next stop: The Opera House!

The stairway on the roof was all ice and snow!

But we conquered and won!

Precious winter sun.

A plastic bag served as a snow sled down the "slope".

Geórgia joined us and increased the percentage of Brazilians in our group.

One troll, two trolls!

And so the sad moment of departure and goodbyes...

But also a moment of true gratefulness for the perfect time we got to spend together! 

And thanx to Andreas K for following us like paparazzi, documenting all our fun with such great photos.

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