lørdag 21. januar 2012

Precious visitors

Last Friday we had a couple of very special visitors arriving in Oslo. My darling friend Humberto and his precious daughter Tama! They live in Brazil, but were i Brussels, Belgium visiting family. The weekend trip to Oslo was Humberto's Christmas gift to Tama - and also to me, I felt.  Last time we met was February 2010, in Brazil.

Saturday morning we had real Norwegian breakfast, with "strange" things for 11-year old Tama to taste.
I rubbed my eyes more than once that morning,  to make sure I was not dreaming. Beto and Tama in my kitchen!! Oh,  the happiness!

We set out for Kongsberg, a city one hour by car southwest of Oslo. An old friend of Beto's, Nikolaj, lives there, and our mission was reuniting long lost friends -and skiing! Neither Beto nor Tama had ever had skis on their feet, so it surely was the only right thing to do.

 Getting all the equipment right... 

Beto was excited, though a bit skeptical. I'm sure the carefully chosen outfit we presented him was quite the confidence booster!

 Go Norway!

 Let's do this!

 Loving it!

 Tama turned out to be a natural. 

 No fear whatsoever, climbing and descending hills with bravure and confidence! 

Like a baws!

We played in the forest until the sun set behind us with spectacular colors. For me it was a valid test drive of my brand new skiing equipment, purchased the day before. Approved!

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