tirsdag 24. mai 2011

Beloved Brooklynites revisited

As the rain eventually gave way I could move on, a few blocks south to Hoyt street. My mission was to finally meet my favorite Brooklyn family: The Voloshins! I hadn't seen them since October 2008 and was unbelievably excited about the dinner invitation they texted me earlier that week. When I arrived, the lovely Stacey was preparing her special stuffed artichokes. 

Daddy Scott proudly introduced me to the precious Ivy, the latest addition to the lovely crowd.

Artichokes ready for the oven!

14 months old and an absolute doll!

This girl was also new to me: The sweet Kaya

Not at all shy to some cuddlin'!

Artichoke appetizer ready to savor. Yummy! 

Good bread and butter, a true classic.

Soon it's sleepy time for Ivy, but first: bottle time.

Loving it!

The fish is ready!

Stacey, the salad connoisseur, has worked her magic.

I love arugula! 

Delicious potatoes, and altogether a terrific meal!

Ivy loves Daddy.

The greatest note to have on one's mirror...

And indeed she is awesome! The whole world does know!

The host makes a toast: Skål!

After dinner we have fancy chocolate for dessert.

Scott broke out the good stuff, to accompany the after dinner drinks.

The lady of the house  engaged in passionate conversation

Kaya being held like she's never been held before. 

When the heavy rain returned she sought refuge in the safest spot of the house.

A lovely night eventually had to come to an end. Before I left, Scott presented me with both a compliment and a book to go along with it. He tends to associate people with literary characters, and had come to the conclusion that I am miss Holly Golightly! But without the tragedy, he emphasized! I have seen (and love!) the movie, but never read the book. Now I am, and I'm eager to see if I can agree. :)

Thank you, Scott & Stacey! You're awesome and I love you!

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